YOUNITY : the story of mankind – the story of you and me 

This composition contains about 30 songs, arranged for choir, solo singers and either piano, band or orchestra. Developed and composed through more than two decades. Inspired and directed by Rupert, most of the lyrics are written by Jannecke Rasmussen. Parts of this musical have been performed in Norway, Sweden and Germany. The script and 3 songs you will find here:


LET IT GROW (2001)

5 songs arranged for choir, soloists and either piano or brass band. Performed several times (also at a global conference 2001 in Oslo). The lyrics are inspired by landless and poor people in Brazil, who are struggling for a life in dignity.

TROIKA (1999). Arranged for guitar, violin and clarinet. (

ALL THE ANGELS ARE SINGING (2012). Soloists, choir, piano and guitar Video on Youtube

JOY (2016) and Sonatina (2017): chamber music in baroque style, for piano or strings.

FINALLY (2016) arranged for choir, organ and trumpet.

SAKTE FARVEL (2009/2016), arranged for piano (recorded, but not published yet)



I mesterens spor (2010)

This album contains 11 spiritual and religious songs, arranged for guitar, violin, violin cello, flutes, celtic harp and much more. Inspired by and dedicated to “our” very beloved monk Robert, living in Norway´s smallest monastery without electricity, cell phones and other modern comfort.

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Som stjerneskudd

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For this my first CD with own songs, I got help for recording by NRK, the Norwegian Broadcasting. Good friends, some of professional musicians, enjoyed me by playing instruments like guitars, cello, flutes, harmonica, violin, cowbell (and some “calf” mourning!), keyboard and percussion. In short time we recorded eleven songs and ballads, inspired by folklore and traditional music – and maybe you will find the flair of the mountains in it.

Solen skinner

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“The sun is shining” is the optimistic title of this record. Here you’ll find 4 tracks: Russian- and Irish-inspired music, a rock song and a ballad - accompanied with guitars, violin, cello, flutes, keyboard, bass, drums and percussion. We also made videotape to the first track, as a humoristic tribute to a small farmers busy summertime. By the way: the photo we used for the front cover is not manipulated –  Trylla  has been one of our “ladies”, and she managed to get the saw between her horns all by her self.