Rupert Derben

All the angels are singing

All the angels are singing Rupert Derben

Musikkvideo og singel spilt inn julen 2012.

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Lyrics & music: Rupert Derben
Lead vocals: R. Derben and Irdi M. Larsen
Guitar: R. Derben
Piano: Pavel E. Smid
Choir: Anne Britt Schou, Safira Hasson, Gaby Larsen, Tine Spuur
Annette Fagerberg, Estel Larsen, Even Gulliksen and R.Derben
Studio: Nyhaug, 3656 Atrå, Norway
Engineering/mix: Pavel E. Smid - December 2012
Video: DPL


When the Lord is descending to Earth
he can do it in every possible way.
He may teach you the lesson of love
as a child, as a cripple, a clown or a saint.
And the story`s been told , for thousands of years
that a virgin gave birth to the Prince of Peace.
To the shepherds delight he was born in a stall,
to the wisemen`s surprise no high king in a hall.

- The Lord in his mercy decides,
that a donkey was witness, an ox could approve
that this holy occasion took place,
long ago, so earth and heaven could groove.
- All creatures are sacred, he thereby declares,
they are serving us just as the Lord himself cares.
His love is the timeless fulfilment of bliss,
an unlimited shelter, eternal grith*.

(Chorus) /: All the angels are singing :/ All the angels are singing (beautiful) All the angels are singing.

Many churches are raised in this world
and the faithful are bending their knees in respect.
Whom is given to know their hearts,
who knows if their prayers the Lord will accept.
:/ Look, your heart is the cradle, your body the stall,
where a love may be born that is greater than all
that has past and is gone, that is now, that will come,
that will endure the earth and the stars and the sun :/


* peace/peaceful place