The most needed, and the most dif cult thing in our world seems to be the unity of mankind.

YOUNITY – it ́s up to you!

What is YOUNITY?

Maybe one could describe YOUNITY as the very heart of all the music I am composing. In its form a mixture between oratorio and musical, it tells about the story of mankind: about good and evil, loneliness, creation, religion, revolution and much more. In that way, YOUNITY tries to deal with some of the great question of mankind: who we really are, and what does it mean to be a man?

YOUNITY contains over 30 solo songs, duets and songs for choir - and some instrumental pieces. It may be performed together with an orchestra, a band or just a piano. In fact, YOUNITY is not a readymade composition, but more like a songbook: the melodies, the lyrics and the harmonies are complete, but it is up to the performers to decide which instruments they want to use.

It is also up to the performers to choose costumes, choreography, drama/text etc in addition to the songs – as long it is not changing the intention and meaning of the whole thing.

With love Rupert Derben