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E-mails are welcomed: to@rupertderben.com

I was born in Germany in 1958..
..and emigrated to Norway at the age of 24.

Beside being a musician, singer, composer and lyric writer I run a small ecological farm in the mountains together with my family. I find this combination inspiring: like a tree, we stand with our roots in the mould, but are stretching our branches towards heaven.
It’s hard to describe music by words, but in my songs, I put much work in the lyrics. I sing about society, environment and spirituality.

Besides being an artist, I compose different kind of music. “Let it grow”, a composition for choir, solo singers and piano (or brass orchestra), is dealing about the Brazilian small farmers struggle for soil. At the moment I am composing a kind of musical: “Unity”. Working together with a lyric writer, I try to give an answer to some of the great questions: what does it mean to be a man, what are men doing to each other, and what is the purpose of life